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Diversity2007Verum Vacirca and a cast of volunteers are throwing a Second Life festival to celebrate diversity in all its forms in March in Han Loso (teleport SLURL.)  "Diversity 2007 - Wandering the World" is a project to promote diversity, inspire discussion and educate.  A series of classes on various diversity issues has already kicked off in January.  But the main event is is slated for March (exact date TBA.)

Verum tells me that they would love some more volunteers, particularly people who are interested in representing the countries they log-in from.  Residents hearkening from Brazil, Argentina, the UK, Canada, Iraq, and Iran are already scheduled to participate!

Educators, workshop organizers, vendors, and speakers are also welcome.  The full message about the festival follows...

Diversity 2007 - Wandering the World is a project meant to promote diversity, inspire discussion and educate.

The project has three phases beginning on January 13th with the new class session offered at Verum's Place in Han Loso and workshops offered in Yanguella.

Several classes are geared toward cultural and diversity education and most are without fees.

The workshops in Yanguella include a charge and run from 2-5 hours with breaks.

The second part of the project will be the Diversity 2007 Festival in March. The festival grounds will contain a map of the world which attendees will walk through, with each region containing interactive displays, literature and art from that region of the world.

There will also be classes and workshops offered during the festival. Volunteers are needed (desperately!). Interpreters, greeters, teachers, organizers and more.

The last part of the project will take place in December 2007, over the winter break. A new session of studies will be offered on world religions. The calendar of classes will be available sometime November 2007.

For more info, IM Verum Vacirca in-world.

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