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Second Life Protest against US intervention in Iran


Just popped into SL to catch a possibly spontaneous protest against any US military action against Iran.  There are twenty-some avatars gathered at the Capitol Hill sim holding signs and shouting slogans at each other. Apparently this protest was a reaction to Iran's defiance of the Security Council resolution calling on them to stop their uranium enrichment program by today.  Someone is shooting off some rather spectacular particle effects, which is quite pretty.  After the jump see what passes for "dialogue" at the protest.  Clearly somebody is pretty upset.

(Story broken by the SL Herald, as far as I can tell.)

UPDATE 2/23/07, 6PM: Errcheck Hicks tells me that some people are planning to organize a regular protest on Saturdays at noon.  So drop in with your signage if you want to participate.


Spammish protest chat.

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