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Last night I dropped by the opening of the 13 Most Beautiful Avatars exhibition at The Postmasters Gallery in Manhattan.  It was the typical hip arty crowd standing around with plastic cups of white wine.  It was worth venturing out on an ass cold winter's night just to chat with Mark Wallace (who tipped me off to the event on his blog) and Jerry Paffendorf of Electric Sheep, who both always seem to have something interesting cooking. 

At one point I was looking at one of the portraits when an older gentleman with crazy Einstein hair and bright red corduroy pants came up to me and asked if I liked the exhibit. 

"I think it's quite lovely," I replied.

"Bah, it's terrible," he scoffed. "Do you really like it?" he asked.

"Yes, the portraits are very beautiful."

"Beautiful?  It's horrible.  So artificial!"

I tried to reply to him that all art is artificial, being formed by a human's meddling into creation.   But Einstein was already headed for the door.

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