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Obama supporters gathering on Second Life Capitol Hill sim this Saturday


Just got word of what sounds like one of the first Second Life rallies in support of a presidential candidate.  According to a group notice I got from the Capitol Hill group, supporters of Barack Obama will gather on Saturday March 31 at 2:30pm PST at SL Capitol Hill (teleport SLURL) for a rally to show some love for the democratic senator from Illinois. 

It's unclear at this time what the relationship of this event is to the Obama webcast being planned at 1PM in Soho island.  I'll update this post when I know more.

UPDATE, 3/30/07:  I've heard back from some of the principal organizers.  The in-world group "Obama for President" led by avatar Cubsfan Pugilist (gotta love that name) is leading the rally at 2:30PM on Capitol Hill. The in-world marketing firm Forefront Media is organizing the in-world video stream of the Obama webcast on Soho island (teleport SLURL) at 1PM.  They are not formally associated with each other in any way.

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