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I got a message from my pal DJ Doubledown Tandino announcing that he's going completely "metarati" as SnoopyBrown Zamboni would say.  That is, Doubledown is quiting his day job and pursuing his Second Life work full-time.  He's a very gifted DJ, in whatever world you happen to be inhabiting, spinning everything from swing jazz to electronica to 70s funk.  Taking the plunge into full-time virtual work is a big risk, despite all the hype about all the money being generated there.  But I predict he does just fine.

Check out Doubledown's resumé that follows if you need some bumpin tunes for your next event...

Real Life: Brad Reason
Second Life: Doubledown Tandino  |  |

Doubledown Tandino is an professional in Marketing and Promotion as well as a DJ, Music Producer, & Event Producer and has been for over 15 years.  Doubledown has created or performed in over 4500 events in the United States & over 150 projects & events within Second Life.  Just recently, he decided to leave his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland as a marketing & entertainment director at a restaurant corporation to pursue new professional projects and create possibilities in Florida & Second Life.

Brad, as digital music composer, editor, and mixer, has the ability to create original electronic music on-the-fly as well as compose prearranged works.  The possibilities are unlimited to his sound creation and manipulation, and often learning new skills and tactics as he performs.

*Customized Event Production, Management, Promotion, Consultation, & SL Live Music Performance.
*Customized RL into SL and SL into RL integration events and Live Music Performance.
*Second Life Live Music Performer & Live DJ bookings & scheduling.
*Professional Live DJ (As a Live Music Performance, Interlude Emcee/Host, and/or After-Party):
corporate events - galas - grand openings - fashion shows - art exhibitions
meet-and-greets - clubs - raves - casinos - festivals - misc. music & art events
(please contact for specific DJ booking pricing.  Rate has to do with the event and the expectations.  Demo available upon request.  Upcoming show dates are available upon request.)
*Music Styles Include (but are not limited to):
House (deep, funky, tech, minimal, classics)
Breakbeat (classics, nuskool) & Brokenbeat
Drum-n-bass (jazzstep, liquidfunk, techstep, jumpup)
Jazz & Chill-Out (nuJazz, acid jazz, trip-hop, downtempo)
Obscure Electronica & IDM
80s & 90s HipHop
70s & 80s Funk, Motown, & Disco
80s New Wave & Rock
Classic Rock
50s & Oldies
Swing & Big Band
*Live on-the-fly Original Track & Remix Creation.
*Custom creation of music venues, event builds, performance stages, DJ booths, audio equipment, intelligent lighting, & dance floors within Second Life

*Original Music Production, Digital Editing, Remixing, Mastering – including:
land or build theme music & ambiance sound effects creation
prearranged SL wedding
prearranged club music mix
sound creation for objects
*Broadcast Streaming Server Rentals - $3800L/month - 100 listeners & 128kbps stereo max.
Larger capacity streams available also.
*File Hosting
*Website Hosting
*Audio/Music/DJ/Streaming Consultation.

*Performer, Event, & Venue Related Promotion & Marketing Consultation.
*Graphic Design, Flier Design, Logo Design & Corporate Branding (incorporating real life and/or Second Life imagery)
*Performer, Event, & Venue Marketing - Promotion & Distribution.
*Business Card, Flier, & Brochure Printing (Real Life)
*Signs – Promotion Related, Tips, Info Givers, URL Redirectors, Performer Displays, Neon, Picture Cyclers

*Classes & Instruction : DTDJ Seminar Series :: Becoming a working DJ or musician in Second Life
DTDJ1: "Setting up a broadcasting stream to play live"
DTDJ2: "Finding your music style / song selection (for DJs)"
DTDJ3: "The art of promotion in Second Life"
DTDJ4: "How to get gigs in Second Life"
DTDJ5: “Audio Guide to Electronic Music”

*RL Event Manager for the RL & SL integrated event "Coffee & Pajamas: Gourmet Blend" (for more info on this blended RL/SL event please send request)
*SL Developer Directory - Music, dj, event, club, and promotion training and consultation.
*Approved LL Instructor
*DJ Talent Scout for Club Republik
House of Nyla - Metaverse Messenger - Menorca - - Wolfhaven Productions - Club Republik - The Art Loft & Keenag Gallery - The Gallery of Independant Art - Sine Wave - The Clock Tower - Silva Mura - Enigmatic Artworks - Oyster Bay - Conscious Lounge - Anarchy in the UK - Folie's Girls - Rockcliffe University - OMG Magazine - SL Business Magazine - SecondTunes - - Club Leroux - Purple Stripe Productions - Swedish Resource Center - Circe's Circle Radio - Sunset Jazz Club - Club Ice - Studs! Nightclub - Karamelo Nation - Rave Island - Anandra Gallery - Club Nebula - Teddy's Club

Second Life DJ STORE:
-Custom & Prefab DJ Booths and Stages
-Pro Audio Prim-Detail DJ Equipment
-Low Prim Mobile DJ Equipment
-3d Intelligent Lighting & Light Systems
-DJ Animations
-Audio Broadcast Stream Rentals
-"THE LIST" DJ Jobs and Gig Opportunities
-DJ Booking Services

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