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Happy birthday to me!

"77 Million Paintings" a delight for the eyes and ears

SL installation of "77 Million Paintings" by Brian Eno
After a very busy weekend, I spent a relaxing couple of hours checking out the multiple in-world installations of Brian Eno's ambitious art project "77 Million Paintings." Organized by BlueairTV, with the able assistance of SL artist Angrybeth Shortbread, the SL installations do a great job of re-creating what must be an astounding real world immersion into an aural and visual masterpiece.  That said, experiencing this work via a 15-inch monitor with my headphones on can't hold a candle to being completely surrounded visually and aurally by Eno's creation.

Brian Eno's massive vision reminded me a lot of James Turrell's art, which bends and shapes light in slowly shifting and cascading patters. They also both take the long view on creation, with their vision extending beyond the here and now into an imagined world 10,000 years from now.  Talk about taking the long view.

Congratulations to Cyrus Huffines, Angrybeth, and the rest for an astounding job!

After the jump I post a couple more pics of the event, including a short appearance by Brian Eno himself in-world, flanked by his real life self via streaming video...   

Second Life and Real Life Brian Enos

Two Brian Enos in Second Life and real life.

SL installation of "77 Million Paintings" by Brian Eno

I enjoyed running into friends and chatting about the art while in the midst of it...

Brian Eno installation "77 million paintings" in SL

... and experiencing it alone, letting the images and sounds wash over me.

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