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CORRECTION: "Live Earth" event in Second Life tomorrow (July 7)

I got the word from David Alexander that the global climate change concert series "Live Earth" will be simulcast tomorrow an in-world event paralleling the "Live Earth" concerts will take place in the Better World Island sim (teleport SLURL.)  Live Earth is a a 24-hour, seven-continent music extravaganza that will bring together more than 150 music artists with the goal of inspiring a world movement to combat the climate crisis. Taking place in London, New York, Rio de Janiero, Tokyo, Shanghai, Joannesburg, Hamburg, and Sydney, it hopefully will be a galvanizing event for the environmental movement around the world.

The groups, Better World Island and the Center for Water Studies are working together to organize the concerts in-world for folks that can't attend the real life concerts.  (Note that MSN will also be hosting concert video streams on their website.)  Of course, this is Second Life, so you aren't just going to sit there passively and stare at a quicktime stream.  The organizers promise lots of other in-world activities including:


  • A combination of Live Earth concerts and SL live performers and audio streams
  • Brief presentations with Q&A, and music, on the hour for much of the day
  • A translucent dance floor suspended over a virtual ocean
  • Slideshows and video for information and for entertainment
  • Beautiful water and land environment simulations in Center for Water Studies
  • Dancing, swimming, dolphin ride, and more
Click here for the full in-world schedule.  Sounds like nice demonstration of the added value of virtual worlds for these sorts of political awareness events, moving from entertainment to education to action.

CORRECTION 7/6/07 11:46PM: David has corrected me that they have not secured the rights to stream the actual concert video in-world.  Go to MSN's website to see real life concerts, and of course come in-world for some fine SL entertainment.

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