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Curry Combo platter at New Malaysia Restaurant

Curry combo plate
For $5.50, you get this delicious combo of chicken and beef curries with a generous mound of rice seperating the two at the New Malaysia Restaurant in Manhattan's Chinatown. 

New Malaysian Restaurant

Although not much of a "secret," going to New Malaysia is fun because its in the middle of a dark tunnel that runs from Bowery to Elizabeth Streets just sound of Canal.  The place itself is nicely decorated with some indigenous art and dark wood, but don't expect to be transported to a Malay paradise. There was nary a tourist in sight when I've been there, but YMMV. 

All the food I've had there is mad cheap, delivered fast, and delicious.  What more could you ask for?

They also have a takeout window where you can get Singaporean style ices mixed with fun fruits and beans.  I'll be sure and try that soon.

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