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Comcast spanked by FCC for violating Net Neutrality!

Yes, I am days late on this, but I still thinks it important to blog this up.  The cable company Comcast on August 1st got cited by the Federal Communications Commission (which is chaired by a Republican) for violating the principle of Net Neutrality

Specifically, the FCC found that

"Comcast Corp.’s management of its broadband Internet networks contravenes federal policies that protect the vibrant and open nature of the Internet... Comcast had deployed equipment throughout its network to monitor the content of its customers’ Internet connections and selectively block specific types of connections known as peer-to-peer connections." 

Comcast was essentially punishing its subscribers for using P2P networks like Bittorrent by blocking their use of this application, without any evidence of copyright infringement or other criminal activity. 

This is a huge win for defenders of Net Freedom.  You can help keep the momentum going in the drive towards the United States having a firm policy in favor of Network Neutrality by signing the Save the Internet petition. I just did.

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