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Celia & Jerry

Sometimes I wonder why I spend any time at all in Second Life. I get all the weirdness, crazy mash-ups, and multi-cultural mixing that I want just wandering around New York City.  Yesterday in Central Park was a good example.

Paolo Lanna is the organizer of Central Park Swings, an irregular swing dance in front of the Naumberg Bandshell in the middle of Central Park, featuring live bands and DJed swing music for lindy hoppers.  There's nothing like dancing in the open air in the middle of a beautiful park, with tourists, street people and joggers stopping to gawk and take pictures.  Yesterday the weather could not have been more perfect -- sunny and cool with autumn in the air. 

And then the ninja showed up...

Lindy Ninja!
A dozen or so of us are dancing in the plaza, when a black figure leaps onto the stage and begins to swing his sword around and do a series of kicks and punches.  A ninja (albeit in nike air sneakers and wielding a plastic sword) is attacking Central Park Swings!  I was worried he was going to go after the sound system, but after realizing we are no match for his superior ninja skills, he starts to shake his ass and boogie along with the music. Defeated by the power of Swing!

Albert & Partner Skate Swinging

Later, skate dancer / swinger Albert and his partner rolled up on their quad-skates from the nearby disco skate circle to do some partner dancing. 

The disco skate circle is one of my favorite New York City dance institutions -- a magnet for divas, dancing queens, and free spirits of all ages who spin around a massive, portable DJ booth booming out freestyle, funk, and disco every weekend in the park. I want to learn how to do roller disco! 

Central Park is of course a magnet for people from all over the world.  Here's Victoria from Argentina dancing with my friend Will:

Will & Victoria
And here's Bosun of Korea dancing with Nina from Russia:

Nina & Bosun
All-in-all, a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in the city.  Great music, fun dancing, nice folks... and ninjas!

I just love this picture of my friends Voon and Veronica dancing together.  So stinkin cute:

Voon & Veronica
More pictures from Central Park Swings in my photo set. Gawd, I love New York.

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