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Machinima that Matter: A list of machinima films with a Social / Political Message

I view machinima (digital films created using a game engine or virtual world) as a powerful and accessible medium for storytelling and artistic expression.  And despite its game-based roots, I think there is ample evidence that machinima can be used to engage people on serious issues and ideas -- whether its the upcoming US Presidential election or climate change.

At Global Kids we run the Virtual Video Project, which is all about youth creating machinima on an issue that they care about. So we think about how to use this digital filmmaking format for serious storytelling all the time.

I have been looking for a comprehensive listing of machinima films that address a serious social or political issue, but so far no luck. So here is my first stab at a list of "serious machinima"...

My very incomplete, initial list of political and social-themed machinima:

Also worth mentioning are competitions and festivals that feature social change machinima. Quest2changeRL is a contest for machinima on climate change offering $500 for the best one.

Please suggest other machinima and competitions in the comments, and I'll change this post. Thanks!

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