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Metaplace has the awesome-est EULA of any virtual world


I have heard rumors that some educators have been invited to be part of the Metaplace beta testers group for this new virtual world environment created by Raph Koster. According to one of those rumored educator beta-testers, Metaplace is "one of the most powerful, user-friendly web-based / flash-driven virtual platforms out there."  But of course, those are just rumors.

What is confirmed is this: Metaplace has the most awesome "EULAs" (end user licensing agreement) for a virtual world ever.  Check it out:

Rights of Users

  1. Freedom of speech.
  2. Freedom of assembly.
  3. Peacefully represent their religious beliefs, but not to the exclusion or disparagement of others.
  4. Reasonable processes to resolve grievances with Metaplace and world creators.
  5. Own intellectual property they create in a world.
  6. Freely depart worlds as they desire.
  7. To be treated equally and not discriminated against on the basis of sex, race, or national origin.
  8. To be innocent of any violation until proven guilty.
  9. To be secure in their persons so that communications, designated private spaces, and effects, are protected against unreasonable snooping, eavesdropping, searching and seizures.  Any such activity will only be undertaken with good reason, such as investigating the violation of the EULA, these Terms of Service, or applicable laws.
  10. The enumeration in this document of rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by users.

It's like the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights made metaversal.It will be interesting to see how this gets tested when the first neo-nazi, child porn, and phishing worlds get developed and launched in Metaplace.

And there are just two responsibilities required of all users:

  1. Not to harm minors in any way or simulate harm to minors.
  2. Know, understand, and follow applicable laws as well as the EULA and this Terms of Service.

That's it. Don't hurt kids. Don't break the law.

Read this interesting discussion on EULAs and Terms of Service with Raph Koster of Metaplace and other virtual world designers.

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