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A tour of the US Holocaust Museum's Kristalnacht exhibit in Second Life (video)

Drew Stein, CEO of Involve Inc, and David Klevan of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, gave me a tour of their new collaborative project: "Witnessing History: Kristallnacht, the November 1938 Pogroms" in Second Life.  It's an impressive exhibit that shows the power of virtual worlds to combine various forms of media into a powerful, immersive, emotional experience for the visitor. 

Here's a quick video tour of the exhibit that gives you a flavor of what "Witnessing History" is like.  But it really needs to be experienced "in avatar." You can visit the exhibit yourself at the US Holocaust Museum1 sim (click here to teleport). Go with a friend, because you are going to want to talk with someone about it later.

Thanks to Drew for the personal invite!

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