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"Muxlim" virtual world closed due to griefer attacks


I just tried to register and log-in to the new "Muxlim Pal" virtual world, recently launched in beta.  The website explains that Muxlim Pal is "the first Muslim virtual world providing a new kind of family friendly social online environment for your entertainment." It is built on top of the Muxlim social network which has "tens of millions of users" from around the world who contribute to their forums, blogs, video and photo sections, and online polls.

Unfortunately, it looks like they have had to restrict access to Muxlim Pal because of griefers.  Here's the message on the site:

Welcome to Muxlim Pal. As you know, are committed to providing all our users with a respectful, open-minded and family-friendly environment, in which to learn, exchange information, play and work. Unfortunately, we have had a short down time, as a small number of destructive elements were sabotaging the site for everyone else. [my emphasis] The site is now up again and users are enjoying it. With these attacks going on we have had to make the difficult decision to temporarily restrict access for new members. All new members are welcome complete this form (below) to trial the site or wait the standard activity and waiting period used for messaging features on the rest of the site.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.  The Muxlim Team

I can't imagine the difficulty of moderating a virtual world populated by Muslims.  It must be a magnet for every anti-Muslim bigot with broadband on the planet. 


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