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Duke Coin
Ok, it definitely is super awesome that Duke Ellington is going to be on a US quarter, as CNN reports. We are finally getting a circulating US coin featuring the image of an African-American, which is another small sign of progress on the diversity front in this country. (Native American Sacajawea was minted onto a golden $1 coin in 2000. The slave York was pictured on a coin as part of Lewis and Clark's expedition, minted in 2003.)

That said, I would not have recognized this as the Duke unless you had told me.  Someone on my swing website said this looked more like Colonel Sanders. LOL.

It must be really difficult to design a photo-realistic image to be etched onto the very small canvas of a US coin.  But this is just a sad looking. Perhaps it looks better up close in person?  I hope so.

UPDATE 11:45PM: Here's a link to a high rez image of the coin.  Still doesn't resemble the man.

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