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Rik tony225bPeople have been asking me about the reaction to my listing in the “Date This New Yorker” issue of Time Out New York a week and a half ago.  I have to admit that this little experiment has been even more successful than even I would have imagined. 

To the dozens and dozens of women (and men) who have responded to my singles profile, I want to say thank you. It’s extremely flattering.

To the many respondents that I have not had time to get back to, my sincere apologies.  I’ve been traveling the past couple of weeks and have been too busy to email all of you back.

I really had not anticipated this level of response and unfortunately my tight schedule has not permitted me to date as many of you as I would have liked. (My friend David suggested that I outsource this “problem” to an Indian personal assistant, but that just seems a bit impersonal.)

Suffice to say, I will eventually get back to every single person who responded to my profile, and we’ll find a time over the next couple of months to get together.  It might have to be a phone call, a quick cup of tea or five minute chat in the park. But if that goes well I’m open to something a bit more extended -- ideally close to a major subway line in Brooklyn or Lower Manhattan.

I also want to thank the technical support people at Time Out NY, who have helped me to sort out the capacity issues associated with my TimeOut email account (  I had no idea that so many people sending me their photos and videos of themselves would back up your email system.  My bad.

Finally to Miss M., please stop trying to contact me.  Yes, the bike ride around Prospect Park was really pleasant. You seem like a lovely girl with a great career in veterinary medicine ahead of you.  But there just wasn’t that ineffable “spark,” I’m afraid.  So please stop emailing, texting and DMing me.  The limited edition “Rorschach” action figure you sent was extremely thoughtful, but I really can’t keep it.  Just stop.

Boy, when they told me that dating in New York was hell, they weren’t kidding. Sometimes I think that it would have been less stressful if all of this TimeOut silliness hadn’t happened.

On second thought, maybe I’ll keep that action figure.

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