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Frankie Manning: May 26, 1914 - April 27, 2009

Frankie's time draws near: now it's our turn... a one, a two...

Frankie shimsham All indications are that -- barring a medical miracle -- Frankie Manning does not have long on this plane.  My understanding is that he is at this point non-responsive to communication and medications, and that his doctors think that he has at most a day or two left.

The outpouring of prayers and good thoughts from all over the globe on Yehoodi, FaceBook, in the mail, on this blog, and elsewhere has been incredible to witness over the past days.  Frankie's family and closest friends are surely much heartened by the incredible showing of support from the lindy hop community.

Tonight I talked in person, phoned, exchanged emails, Facebook messages, discussion board posts, and IM chat with dozens and dozens of people who are heartbroken about this.  The dance I was attending put on by the New York Swing Dance Society had a  moment of silence for Frankie, as well as did a Shim Sham in his honor.

And that's what life in the lindy hop world is going to be like for awhile.

UPDATE 4/27/09, 8AM: Frankie left us this morning

Many folks have been asking me what will happen at the Frankie 95 Birthday Festival next month.  I have not heard from the main organizers. But my own sense is that it is more important than ever that we gather as a global community of lindy hoppers to celebrate his life and legacy.  He would certainly want us above all things to continue to dance and spread the lindy love far and wide.

The message that I think that Frankie would leave for all of us is this: I've done my part.  Now it's your turn. A one... a two... you know what to do...

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