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My 1st breaking gig: cupcakes, hokey-pokey, and b-boying!

Today I performed at my first paid breaking gig: a kid's birthday party in Queens.  The spot was one of those party spaces for toddlers complete with themed decorations (from Power Rangers to Hannah Montana), lots of group games, gift bags, and everything else that a six-year-old wants to celebrate his or her special day. 

Some dancers in my makeshift crew were embarassed; I thought it was pretty hilarious and fun.  Who knows, we might inspire the next Ken Swift?

A couple of the older boys really got into it, and showed off their moves to me.  I told them that there's no better time than now to start learning how to break -- while they still have their youthful energy, flexibility and free time.  I wish I had learned when I was a kid!

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