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I was bored and decided to do some research to find out what the winners of past seasons of "So You Think You Can Dance" are doing now.  Here's what I found out:

Season One: Nick Lazzarini
Current Work: Founding member of the Evolution Dance Company in California.  No further info available, not even a website for the company. Hmmm.

Season Two: Benji Schwimmer
Current Work: Continues to compete in West Coast Swing, teach and perform internationally.  Performs in the indie film "Love n' Dancing."  MTV News says his "fame faded quickly" however.

Season Three: Sabra Johnson
Current Work: Concentrating on teaching rather than dancing according to WKSE interview (audio.) Frankly, sounds like she could use some work!

Season Four: Joshua Allen
Current Work: Going to appear in (ugh) "Step Up 3D."

As you can see, being "America's Favorite Dancer" is no free ticket to instant fame and fortune, given the limited career paths for dancers.  Basically you can:

  • perform professionally on stage, television or movies
  • teach lessons / start your own school
  • found your own dance troupe, or join an existing one
  • compete in other dance competitions

Not exactly the most stable or glamorous lifestyle, for sure.

I have dance friends who have gotten temporary gigs with a touring stage show or a music video.  When I ask them what it's like, they inevitably say, "I'm livin' the dream. Getting paid to do what I love."  Then they go back to their regular day jobs.

UPDATE 7/28/09: My friend Wexie points me to this round-up of former SYTYCD dancers and where they are now. Can't verify the veracity of the research, but very interesting seeing where people ended up.

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