"The Reckoning" documentary about International Criminal Court premiering July 14 on PBS
(o.o): First Annual NYC Digital Youth Media & Tech Fest this Saturday (June 27) at New School!

Vigil for the people of Iran tomorrow in Second Life at 2pm and 7pm PST

Candlelight vigil for people of Iran in Second Life
Tomorrow, Thursday June 25, in Second Life there will be a candelight vigil on behalf of the people of Iran at 2PM PST and 7PM PST.  The location is the Roissy sim (click here to teleport directly.)

The demonstration today at the beautiful Al Andalus sim was very moving, with 30-some avatars holding candles, sharing their stories and feelings of solidarity with the Iranian people.  While the numbers can't compare to the levels of Twitter or YouTube activism, people's expressions of grief and anger and peace were more personal and collective than over these other media.

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