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Games in Education Conference: Warcraft in the Classroom, Hungarian Revolution and Elmo!

me giving a presentation on Global Kids' digital games programs at GIE09

LogoGIE_225Thanks so much to the organizers of the Games in Education Conference for inviting me to their symposium this week.  It was a really fun and thought-provoking experience for me.

My presentation on Global Kids' Playing 4 Keeps program went quite well, I think, with many educators at the conference complimenting me and asking for more information on how to use our games with their teens. I described the Global Kid's approach to digital media, how our P4K program works, and then described in detail our three games: Consent!, Ayiti and Tempest in Crescent City.

I co-presented with Andrea Lauer Rice, CEO & Founder of Lauer Learning. They have developed a range of multimedia properties surrounding the 1956 Hungarian revolution (which I confess I knew nothing about), including the Freedom Fighter 56 site, a digital game, graphic novel, book, curriculum and more.  Andrea gave me a copy of the game and the book, which I am looking forward to checking out.

There were lots of other highlights from the conference, including a session on using World of Warcraft for education, programs that incorporate robots, how Sesame Street and PBS are thinking about games and digital media, and how other educators are using machinima to teach their kids.

It's just great being around a bunch of teachers who are excited about the possibilities of using digital games and wanting to learn more.  I hope we can participate next year!  I'd love to do a Playing 4 Keeps teacher training for them.

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