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The FCC has created a website using IdeaScale to solicit ideas and opinions on the importance of broadband internet on education in America.  I just posted my own views entitled "All of America's Youth Deserve to Play a Part in the Digital Society." Here's a bit of what I wrote:

I work at Global Kids, a 20 year old youth development nonprofit that has helped tens of thousands of at-risk youth in New York City succeed scholastically, go on to college and become active civic leaders. From our perspective, all of America's young people -- whether poor or rich, Black or White, in urban centers or remote rural communities -- deserve a chance to meaningfully participate in our increasingly digital society. In order to do that, they require access to affordable, accessible broadband internet, in their schools, libraries and homes.

I recently organized a virtual fossil dig for a group of 11 New York City teenagers at Global Kids. From our headquarters, these young people were able to go online and learn about paleontology, evolution, African society and culture....

Read the whole thing here. Feel free to vote it up, if you like it, or comment on it.  Or better yet, post your own ideas there.

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