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Digital Media & Learning Conference in San Diego: Hanging with my Peeps

Right now I'm blessed to be at a couple of gatherings in San Diego for the next few days. And it's not just the sunny weather and easy access to the Pacific that I'm happy about -- although that certainly helps. No, it's being among hundreds of folks who are just as excited as I am about the potential for digital media for learning and youth development.

I'm here for the first MacArthur Foundation-sponsored Digital Media and Learning Conference, being held at UC San Diego. The public response to the conference has been tremendous, with over 400 people expected here over the next few days.  Global Kids is involved in several panel presentations on Friday, February 19, which should be a lot of fun.

For the next couple of days, we're participating a somewhat more intimate gathering of about 50 MacArthur grantees and invited guests, talking about what direction the Foundation is headed and discussing relevant issues in the field.  Lots of the leading figures in digital media and learning are here -- including Joi Ito, Henry Jenkins, Sonia Livingston, danah boyd, and James Paul Gee -- so it's an honor just getting to learn from them.

It's just great being here, among these fantastic people.

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