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America's Best Dance Crew Episode 509: The Dreaded Illusion Challenge

Because I was traveling, I just now got to check out this past week's America's Best Dance Crew episode 509: The (Dreaded) Illusion Challenge.  This challenge has been deadly in past seasons, totally derailing all but the most dedicated and talented crews. Here's what I saw:

  • Opening Number: Okay it's possibly my crappy internet connection, but that opening routine was just messy as hell. Was it supposed to be scifi? Or jungle? Or both? Great to see Lil Mama shake her thing, though.
  • Hype 5-0: Good use of the prop: the floating poles. Not great dancing. Just meh, as usual.
  • Poreotix: Nice floating trick, which was the hit of last year's illusion challenge. I really felt like they were kind of phoning this one in though.  They should have owned this one, and they didn't.
  • Blueprint Cru: Sweet levitation illusion! The best choreo and acting of the night for sure. As JC said, this crew is the most diversely talented of all the crews out there.
  • Jungle Boogie:They brought a lot of hype energy, as they do. I love their footwork!  Didn't kill the illusion as much as Blueprint, but it was cool.  I love these guys and hope they go far.

I'm not crazy about Hype 5-0 being in the final three, or Jungle Boogie going home this round. But I'm super excited that Blueprint Cru is still in the running! Go, Canada!

[Link to original video.]

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