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World Bank Launches "Urgent Evoke" Online Game to Inspire Youth to Social Action

EVOKE trailer (a new online game) from Alchemy on Vimeo.

The World Bank, working with ARG master Jane McGonigal, have launched a new online game called "Urgent Evoke" that's geared toward getting young people -- particularly African young people -- to come up with creative solutions to the worst of the world's social ills. It looks like a neat combination of social media, social networking, alternative reality gaming, and real world concerns that hopefully with reach a new generation of community leaders, activists and social entrepreneurs.

The Evoke "social network game" will issue weekly "Missions" to the players that challenge them to learn about a particular "world-changing skill," practice it in their community, and then give evidence that you completed the mission by blogging, taking a video or a picture.  Complete enough "Evokes" and you might win the chance to travel to Washington DC for the Evoke Summit.

There's even a version for players who want to play via SMS on their cell phones, which will be key if they want to spur youth engagement in Africa.

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