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USIP Conference on Media & Peacebuilding on May 12: Watch the Webcast (updated)

 The nice folks at the US Institute of Peace send out the news that they are holding an all-day conference on "Seizing the Moment: Media & Peacebuilding" this Wednesday, May 12, at the Newseum in Washington DC.

It looks like a fantastic event, which will consider "specific recommendations on ways to harness the power of media for conflict prevention." The summit will bring together senior media and policy folks, to talk about how communications technology can prevent and reduce conflict in the world.  Speakers include:

For those that can not make it to DC, it will be webcast live. So tune in starting at 9am EST. See the USIP website for the full schedule.

UDPATED: Please see info after the jump on how to participate fully in the conference online...

A Guide to Digital Participation

This event will be webcast live on May 12 from 9:00am to 3:30pm (Eastern) at http://www.usip.org/webcast.html. At this URL, viewers will also be able to watch the various multimedia features that will be screened during the day. Though the event is in Washington, DC, it will be open to people all over the world. This global audience will be able to watch and engage with panelists and each other via the Internet.

Here’s how:

  • Send us texts through the day at the Digital Idea Box: Viewers and attendees can text in ideas and questions during the day by texting “MAGD” followed by their message to 22333.
  • Chat and Twitter discussions: The webcast page will feature a live chat function that allows viewers to engage with each other as the event proceeds. Twitter users who include the hashtag #magd in their tweets will also see their tweets displayed on this page. These conversations will be moderated by USIP staff Anand Varghese (avarghese1@usip.org) and Colin Durkin (cdurkin@usip.org). They will select questions and comments that will be put to panelists during Q&A sessions.
  • Arabic-English live blog:  Meedan.net is a website that creates forums for English and Arabic speakers to discuss international and Middle Eastern news and events across linguistic barriers. Meedan staff will be live-blogging the event on their site. Viewers can comment in English or Arabic to weigh in on the discussion.
  • Independent Television Service (ITVS) Live blog: Viewers can make comments and questions on ITVS’s live blog of the event at Beyond the Box (http://beyondthebox.org/).

Thanks for the update, Anand!

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