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Global Kids in the New York Times: Helping NYC Teens Engage with the World!

Returning from vacation, I was very happy to see the news that my organization Global Kids got a nice write-up in the New York Region section of the New York Times a couple of days ago.

GK in NYT 225Entitled "Learning in Summer, Gladly," Clyde Habermas writes about how Global Kids as a nonprofit works with New York City teenagers to expose them to global issues and help them to be changemakers in their communities.  Focused on our collaboration with the Council on Foreign Relations, Global Kids works with teens at their high schools, in our headquarters downtown, in libraries, jails, museums, online...  really wherever we can find them!  Our teen leaders go on to successful careers in law, government, nonprofit administration, the arts and community service --- many of whom attribute Global Kids as their first foray into civic life and service.

As we enter into our 21st year, we at Global Kids know that there are thousands more teenagers in NYC and beyond who deserve the opportunity to learn about the world and make a difference.  If you would like to support us in our mission, I encourage you to make a donation -- big or small -- to Global Kids by following this link.

[Link to original article.]


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