Discovery Channel Slo-mo Video of Nick & Carla's Lindy Spin & Airstep
Alice Mei and Thomas Blacharz of France Performing at Frim Fram

I'm Syndicated on

Swing event articles and info The nice folks at informed me that they are syndicating my site, along with several other lindy hop-related blogs.  Here's what the the sponsors of the site say about it: is a website dedicated to providing an easy way to find anything swing from the blogosphere. It has been out experience that trying to find relevant swing information on google is a bit tough. Wading through the immense amount of event postings, and outdated information can be a bit tiresome. We wanted to provide a website that had all the great current articles from around the web, in a location that was easy to find, and filtered out the rest of the crap online.

Sounds like a fine project, even if I don't really understand why it's called "Rabbits and Toasters." Yay for lindy bloggers!

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