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Co-hosting a Podcast from NYC and Cali over Skype

spuds & rik do Yehoodi Talk ShowThis was not the most fantastic day I've ever had.  But it ended on a high note with a recording of another Yehoodi Talk Show podcast with my buddy Manu in California.

Manu and I have been doing the Yehoodi Talk Show for more years than I care to count right now.  He's a great co-host and skilled podcast producer who makes it so easy to relax and enjoy the process of creating each show.  When he moved to Cali, I thought all the fun we had doing the podcast was over.

But Skype makes it almost as good as being side-by-side doing the show like the old days.  In some ways it's even better, because the limitations of the technology force us to coordinate a lot prior to the show, rather than doing things more on-the-fly.  Google Docs, IM chat and other web tech help a lot to keep us on target.

That said, one of the things I'm looking forward to next year is being able to do more shows in the same room as Manu!

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