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Compilation of Dance Scenes from the Movies: What's Missing? [UPDATED]

TinyMich tweeted out this fun compilation of dance scenes from movies from the past, including some of my favorites -- "Footloose," "Step Up," "Singing in the Rain," etc.

Some missing ones from my list of fave scenes: "Breaking" (Turbo's broom dance) "Beat Street" (first b-boy battle),  "The Fisher King" (Grand Central Waltz) and "Shall We Dance" (Final competition, Japanese original.)  What are your favorite dance scenes?

Updated with the actual videos after the jump...

"Breaking": Turbo's Broom Dance

"Beat Street":  B-boy Battle in the Roxy 

"The Fisher King" : Grand Central Waltz

"Shall We Dance": Final competition, Japanese original.

I couldn't find this online. This is the trailer.




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