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Yehoodi Celebrates 12 Years Supporting Lindy Hop with Swing Party, Dance Contest October 21

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It’s hard to believe that 12 years ago in a garage in Queens, a scrappy Manu Smith and a scruffy Frank Dellario thought, "There has to be a better way to disseminate Larry’s List!" And thus, Yehoodi.com was born.

In the twelve years that followed there have been all kinds of changes in the Lindy Hop world, but we’re really proud that Yehoodi has been there for all of them.

To celebrate, we’re going to have a no-holds barred Frim Fram Jam dance party on Thursday October 21 at Club 412 in Manhattan. The party will feature Yehoodistrator DJs Lilieblue, Effervescent, Frankyboy, Rikomatic and Swifty spinning tunes for your dancing pleasure. The extra room will be open on the other side for people to catch up and have more space to dance and throughout the night we will be giving away prizes, serving cake and hosting the craziest dance competition ever seen in New York since the Harvest Moon Ball!

Hit the jump for all the details...

A Dance Competition with Fabulous Prizes!
A dance competition, you say? Yup! At the 11 o’clock hour we will be hosting a no-entry fee, tap out Strictly Lindy Hop contest judged by Frankyboy, Laura Jeffers and Dave Graybill with insane prizes including:

• 12 months of free admission to Frim Fram
• 2 Pairs of Aris Allens from Dancestore.com
• $100 Gift certificates from Dancestore.com

Plus free classes, privates and workshops from You Should Be Dancing, Dance Manhattan and Margaret Batiuchok, weekend passes to ALHC and more!

Prizes will be awarded in a ‘Yehoodi Swap.’ The 3rd place couple will be announced and will choose their prize. The 2nd place couple will then be announced and will be able to either choose a remaining prize, or they can steal the prize from the 3rd place couple. Rinse and repeat for the 1st Place couple.

There’s no need to sign up in advance, just enter with a partner that night!

Door Prizes!!
We will be giving away prizes all night so come early! Prizes include free classes, admission to local dances including the Boilermaker Jazz Band at Frim Fram on Nov 4th, swing crash courses, merchandise from www.savoystyle.com, and more!

Grand Prizes are not transferrable and some giveaways have expiration dates.

If you would like to provide us with something to give away at the door that night, please email heatherflock at gmail.com with the details.

The Yehoodistrators would like to thank to dancestore.com, savoystyle.com, You Should Be Dancing!, Dance Manhattan, ALHC, Laura Jeffers and Margaret Batiuchok for being so generous with their donations!

Frim Fram is held every Thursday night at Club 412 (412 Eighth Avenue, 4th Floor) in New York City. There is a drop in lesson at 8 pm taught by Heather Flock and dancing from 9pm- 1am.

More info over at Yehoodi.com.

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