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Some Peeps I'm Thankful For

A few of the many folks I'm thankful are part of my life, on this day of thanksgiving:

  • barry and rik eating pickled herring in The HagueMy boss Barry: When you offered me a job at Global Kids more than three years ago, you must have seen something in me that I didn't see.  Under your astute, mindful, and sensitive leadership I've grown so much as an educator, organizer, and a human being. 
  • My sister Cori: This year, you've been an inspiration with your move West and how you've been connecting more with our family.  I'm following in your footsteps, little sister, and looking forward to spending more time together in 2011.
  • My friend Maria: One of my oldest friends, despite the transatlantic distance.  This has not been the most fantastic year ever for you. But I've appreciated so much your friendship, support and time that we've had together.
  • My buddy Manu: Sometimes I suspect that all of the projects we do together for Yehoodi are just good excuses for us to hang out and clown around.  You always blow me away with your technical wizardry, dancing prowess, perfect comedic timing, and boundless creativity.  Looking forward to more clowning and collaborating in SF next year!
  • My hip-hop teacher Pavan Thimmaiah: Over the past four years, you have pushed me beyond what I had ever dreamed I would be capable of as an "older dancer."  It's been a blast learning from you and collaborating on all the shows we've done together. This Fall's was the best yet!

Show some appreciation for your peeps, near and far, who make your life better and happier.



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