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Christmas Giving 2010: Supporting Peace and Justice in Brooklyn, DC, and around the World

In these times, contributing to charities and causes is more difficult for many people, who often are struggling to make ends meet and worrying about the future. I'm more fortunate than many, in that I don't have to worry about how the rent is getting paid, putting food on the table or healthcare. (Well, at least until February.)  And I live relatively frugally, my most expensive possession being my bicycle.

So counting my blessings, I am making a special contribution to nonprofits that I care about and that I believe are making an impact in the world in ways that I support. Here's how I'm spending my charity dollars this Christmas...

  • GK-logo-200x200
    Global Kids: While GK is my current employer, I'm also a supporter of Global Kids beyond the practical contributions I make during the workday.  In a nutshell, Global Kids believes thave every young person deserves the opportunity to be of service to their community, to be a leader among their peers, and to make a change in the world.  Our work combines innovative hand-on workshops in schools around New York City, professional development trainings and support for other educators and educational institutions, and cutting edge digital media from computer games to virtual worlds. 
  • Fcnl_img_logo Friends Committee on National Legislation: FCNL is the Quaker advocacy arm in Washington DC, supporting laws and policies that align with our values of social justice and peace.This has been a difficult year for FCNL, facing one of their hardest financial challenges in their history.  I'm happy to do my little bit to support this important force for peace on the Hill.
  • 300px-WFM_Logo The World Federalist Movement: A peace organization founded in 1947, the World Federalist Movement has been a diehard advocate for a more democratic and just world through institutions like the United Nations. WFM was instrumental in the creation of the International Criminal Court in 1998, the world's first truly global human rights court, as well as the main organizer of the Hague Appeal for Peace, the world's largest peace conference in 1999.
  • The Brooklyn Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends: The Brooklyn Quakers do so much to serve the community around them.  We feed and provide clothing for needy folk in the neighborhood. We are actively involved in Africa through Friends Meetings there and a relationship we have with an orphanage in Central Africa. We support Gay Rights, environmental justice, and a lovely school in the nabe.

If you would like to support any of these worthwhile causes, click their names which should take you to their donation pages. (With the exception of Brooklyn Meeting, which does not support online donations at this time. Boo.)

What causes are you supporting this season?

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