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Director of "When Strangers Click" and "Food, Inc" on Second Life Talk Show February 6


Whenstrangersclick promoRobert Kenner, director of the documentary "Food, Inc" and the forthcoming "When Strangers Click" is being interviewed on the Second Life talk show "Tonight with Paisley Beebe" on Sunday February 6 at 6pm PST. The short film explores how people are connecting with each other on the Internet, whether it be on a dating site, a message board or a virtual world.

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Kenner as a consultant, helping his team collect relationship stories using a variety of digital media, including Second Life.  We were lucky enough to receive many funny, sexy, provocative, touching, and tragic stories, only five of which made the cut to be in the film. "When Strangers Click" is a really interesting and surprising documentary about how modern technology has changed and augmented the way that we connect with each other. I'm glad I got to play a small part in making this project happen.

Catch the interview with Robert Kenner and Second Life musician Bara Johnson, who is featured in the film, on February 6 at 6pm PST at the Lewis Rock sim (teleport link.)

"When Strangers Click" premieres on Valentines Day, February 14, on HBO. Check your local listings for times.

UPDATE 2/9/11: Paisley Beebe tells us that the Interview with Director Robert Kenner and Bara Jonson from “When Strangers Click” is up on Treet.tv and YouTube.

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