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America's Best Dance Crew: Season 6, Opening Episode Recap

Tonight I got around to watching America's Best Dance Crew season six, episode 1 (lil wayne). A strong start to the season, IMO. Here's my recap of the first five crews presented in this episode:

  • IAmMe Crew (Texas): Pretty sick popping crew, including master popper Phillip "Pacman" Chbeeb. Don't know what else they got in their bag of tricks, but I'm curious.
  • Phunk Phenomenon (Boston): Dirty funk style crew, with some b-boys. Came hard, but not particularly clean.
  • Request (New Zealand): All-girl, glammy, high energy crew. I liked their energy and theatricality, but I thought their dancing was kind of unimpressive.
  • Ecclectic Gentlemen (Los Angeles): Lyrical hip-hop crew.  A bit sloppy.
  • Street Kingdom (Los Angeles): A Christian krumping crew (no joke) including Tight Eyez, the man who freakin invented krumping. So obviously they came hella hard.

I can't fault the judges for who they sent home. They are clearly reserving their harsher critiques for later in the season as they get to know the crews. Based on tonight, my faves are Street Kingdom, who took it to another level higher than the other crews in terms of intensity and energy.

It's nice to see an actual current dancer as a judge on the show, D-Trix from Quest Crew.  Don't know what he will add to Lil Mama's wacky preachiness and JC's often harsh critiques.  But I respect Dominic's skills and experience.

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