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"Sorry, apple knocker, no barneymugging, the bank's closed" : The Flapper Dictionary

Blogger Bookflaps came across this fantastic "Flappers Dictionary" from the July 1922 issue of Flapper Magazine. It's chock-a-block with choice flapper-isms.

Some of my faves:

  • Flapper01 Apple Knocker : A hick; a hay-shaker.
  • Barlow: A girl, a flapper, a chicken.
  • Bank’s Closed: No petting allowed; no kisses.
  • Barneymugging: Lovemaking.
  • Brush Ape: Anyone from the sticks; a country Jake.
  • Brooksy : Classy dresser
  • Cellar Smeller : young man who always turns up where liquor is to be had without cost.
  • Duck’s Quack : The best thing ever.
  • Fire Extinguisher : A chaperone.
  • Floorflusher : Inveterate dance hound.
  • Hopper : Dancer.
  • Petting Pantry : Movie.
  • Whangdoodle : Jazz-band music.

What are your favorites? See the full list at Bookflaps.

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