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Street Dance Meets Classical: Lil Buck Jookin to Yoyo Ma (video)


This unexpected collaboration between cellist Yoyo Ma and hip-hop / jookin dancer Lil Buck has been circulating around the webasphere recently.  Definitely intriguing and skillfully performed.

I can't fault either Yoyo Ma's playing or Lil Buck's dancing, both of which are world-class.  But I have a hard time seeing what the connection is between Buck's movement and Ma's music.  What is he hitting in the different passages?  What pictures is he drawing?  What energy from the music is he channeling? I'm just not seeing it.

Compare this to Lil C krumping to contemporary classical music in this video.  Lil C is hitting all sorts of interesting aspects of the music, and bringing his own flavor to it.


Maybe I'm missing something?

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