Singapore Day 1: Disreputable Thai food, Lindy Hop, Tap, and Second Life
Shim Shamming for Frankie Manning's Birthday in a Singapore Mall! (video)

Singapore Day 3: Work, Eat, Dance, Work, Eat....

Rik likes glutinous black rice soupComing into day four of my Singapore adventure.  Definitely getting a feel for the place: and I have to say, it's a really good feeling.

Work has started in earnest on the project I am here to lead, a couple of virtual world education workshops for an international client.  Singapore is kind of an ideal environment for doing a cutting edge tech project, since they have such advanced technical infrastructure and a very educated and tech friendly local population. The facilities where I am running the Second Life demos are some of the best equipped I have ever worked with.  And the people are incredibly accomodating and efficient.  I wish all my work projects could have this kind of support.

street hawker : he's telling me "no pictures!"

Meanwhile, I am continuing to enjoy exploring the city, going out dancing with folks from the lindy hop scene, and eating at fantastic restaurants and food stalls everywhere.  The local dancers have been super friendly, taking me out for meals, driving me places, and showing me around.  This is one of the nicest swing scenes I've ever encountered.

Tonight we're doing a full run through of the main activity I'm leading here. Then I'm off for the main dance the "Swing Fling," followed by a "shim sham" flash mob in celebration of Frankie Manning's birthday today.  Should be a lot of fun!

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