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Super Mario Meets the Lindy Hop (video)


Dancers Morgan Day and Emily Wigger danced an incredible homage to Super Mario Brothers at the Camp Hollywood lindy hop event last weekend.  You can see lots of fun references to the game play, from the hilarious costumes, sound effects, music and action.  And all done with top notch lindy hopping!  So creative and impressive.

Even more impressive is their recovery from a potentially disastrous error by the DJ, who cut off their song in the middle.  Check it out in this alternative video. The mistake and their admirable recovery come at about the 2:24 mark.  Do over!

Well done, Morgan and Emily / Mario and Luigi.

And the gaming references at Camp Hollywood don't end there!   Doug Silton and Angel Jenkins did their dance tribute to the "Plants Vs Zombies" game.  There are lots of lindy hoppers who are gamers and geeks, so it's perhaps natural that these are the cultural references that resonate the strongest for the audience.

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