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Here's the amazing Tamar Korn singing with the Gauchos band at Cafe Pascucci in SOMA last Saturday. It was a really fun night with folks just packed in who came to hear Gauchos play, as well as a dozen or so lindy hoppers who came to dance.

There was a super tiny dance floor right in front of the band that could barely accommodate two couples.  But I and the others managed to get some super fun dances in. 

It was kind of weird because you were basically blocking the view of the paying patrons from seeing the band and the singer.  But everyone including the management and the band was super cool about it.  As folks left, inevitably they stopped at our table and thanked us for dancing, which felt strange but neat.  One woman told me that watching me dance with my partner was the "highlight of the evening" for her. Wow.

Apparently Cafe Pascucci is hoping to have regular jazz nights at their space, which was be awesome.  One of the managers came to talk with Ann Mony and I about what would be an acceptable cover for dancers and how to manage that.  It was cool that he was even interested, since we aren't necessarily the heaviest drinkers or food patrons.  I wish more places were so accommodating and welcoming to dancers.

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