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Tim Ferriss Tackles Spirituality in "The Four Hour Spirit"

Ferris-4-hour-spirit-cover For those of you who are die-hard Tim Ferriss fans, having quit your normal 9-5 to travel the world and live off of your mail-order oven mitt business, working on your killer abs and having great sex, you might be wondering what is next from the "4-hour" wunderkind?

Well I have it from reliable sources that Mr. Ferriss's next project will focus on a subject near and dear to my heart: religion and spirituality. 

Having followed many religions and faith communities in my life, I can tell you, it is really time-consuming being in communion with the Creator and fulfilling my obligations at church.  How can I follow a divinely-led path -- doing good works, teaching Sunday school, praying for the unsaved -- while also becoming a world-ranked mambo dancer and clocking in four hours of work a week?  It just doesn't seem possible.

Tim Ferriss, of course, has found a way... and you can too. His new book The Four Hour Spirit (Crown Archetype, 2012) will show you how you can efficiently achieve a holy life in a quarter of the time those other "gurus" offer.  Learn how to:

  • "Pray without Ceasing" while also skiiing in the Alps, waltzing in Poland, or hitting on supermodels in Rio
  • "Tithe Your Worth Not Your Earnings" so you can contribute to your church without impacting your bottom line
  • "Cut the Fat" from your holy scriptures and just read the good bits

That's all I know for now, I'm afraid. You'll just have to wait to find out more, as his new book is still in the works.  Keep an eye on his twitter feed, website, and Google Plus account for updates.

Meanwhile, keep working on working less and earning more.  I know, I still am!  Which is why I am still living with my parents and living off of unemployment.

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