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CEO Rod Humble's Awesome, Ecclectic Profile on "cellular automata"?

Rod humble profile on SL
Rod Humble is the recently hired CEO of Linden Lab, the makers of the virtual world Second Life.  Rod is most well known for his gaming background at EA and Sony Online, working on the wildly popular "Sims" lie and Everquest respectively.  So expectations are high for what he might do for Second Life as a platform.

RodHumble_CEO_Pic But a quick look at his profile on reveals what an interesting guy he is in general. In Second Life you can indicate your interests and then see who else shares those interests, at least as tags.  Here's some of Rod Humble's:

  • Miniature, board and computer wargames
  • Open Frameworks
  • Philosophy
  • Russian History 1918-1953
  • and Cellular Automata

I mean, who wouldn't want to have dinner with that guy? So geeky cool.

And his Second Life bio states simply "I am a n00b." Which is his way of saying, I'm new to this virtual worlds thing, so be gentle.  Scroll down for his real world bio, and it similarly states, "I am also a n00b in real life :)". LOL. 

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