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PMT House of Dance: Celebrating 10 Years of Hip-hop Dance in NYC

PMT Crew at Frim Fram 1210

Right now as I post this, I believe there is a drunken celebration / roast for the 10 year anniversary of the PMT House of Dance, the place that made me the b-boy I am today.  Hopefully there is a lot of good natured roasting of Pavan Thimmaiah, owner and lead teacher of the best hip-hop dance studio in New York.  It's killing me a little that I can't be there.

Pavan has been a constant inspiration to me as a dancer and a teacher, someone who pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me achieve things that have impacted my life well beyond dancing.  It was his vision that led to this nurturing and welcoming environment, open to anyone who has ever watched "America's Best Dance Crew" or LXD and said, "I want to do THAT."

So congrats on ten years to Pavan and the rest of his team.  Here's to ten more year's of funky hip-hop science dropping!

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