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FreePlay at Vertigo: march forward

Yesterday night, I and the FreePlay Dance Crew did a really fun gig at Club Vertigo in downtown San Francisco to benefit the YMCA.  We chose a spy-themed routine, the "Shadows" conspiring against the "Light" team to get the mysterious package.  But what was really so valuable?

FreePlay dance Crew at Vertigo: before showtimeIt was a fun, crazy night performing in a packed bar, full of folks out to have a good time. It looks like we raised a good amount of cash to support the YMCA Youth Chance High School, which was great.  And we put on an entertaining show for the audience, performing with the Sarah Bush Dance Project.  Plus when we weren't performing, we were jamming and freestyling on the dance floor.  

One new and challenging addition to our routine was the use of headlamps to accentuate and add to our movement.  An untested prop is always kind of risky, but I think we made it work to our advantage.  And it looked cool as hell.

Couldn't ask for a more fun dance gig, for a good cause, with a great bunch of people.  Go, FreePlay!

See more pics from our gig (the performance ones taken by my girl Jeskat) on Flickr.

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