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Things I Learned while Glitching with My Girlfriend

For the past couple of months I've been playing the MMO Glitch with my girlfriend. I've never had a gamer girlfriend before, so it's been an interesting experience for me. I've learned a few things about online gaming with an S.O. that you might want to keep in mind:

When she asks for the keys to your house, it might mean that she really likes you, or it might mean that she wants to re-organize your messy home.

My messy home in Glitch


The fact that you go over to her house to tend her garden while she is traveling should tell you something.

planting in Jeskat's garden in Glitch


When she levels up, let her gloat awhile before you mention that you attained that level yesterday.

Glitch level 33

If she kills herself in your garden, it might mean that she is cross with you.

dead girlfriend in Glitch


Getting presents and hugs can be as sweet in-game as in-person.

Hug in Glitch

 Do you game with your significant other?  How much is it a part of your relationship?


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