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My Cat's Deadly "Scratching Pole Sneak Attack" Documented

My cat Mole Negro has a devastating scratching pole hunting maneuver he has developed that I have finally captured on my camera, at great risk to myself.   Here's his ninja-like technique photo-documented for the first time in the wild.

Lurk Mode

Mole lurks steathily behind his scratching pole, waiting for an unsuspecting victim to pass by. Notice how well he blends into his background.

Mole lurks

Deep Cover

Noticing my approach, Mole finds cover in deep shadow.  Cue ominous music.

Mole hiding in shadow

Prepping for the Kill 

As his next victim nears, Mole crouches in anticipation, tail swishing with evil delight ....

Mole prepares...

The Trap Is Sprung 

And, like black lightning, Mole attacks! His vicious claws and razor sharp teeth rend his prey with lethal efficiency.

Mole attacks!

Ignoring the wails of the mortally injured , Mole attacks again and again.... Or at least until one of us gets bored of this game.

Next Episode: Mole attacks a defenseless stuffed spider toy. 

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