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Lindy Hoppers Create "EverSmart" iPhone App, Need Your Votes!

Eversmart_swingI got this appeal from the nice folks at LindyGroove, one of the largest lindy hop weekly dance in the country. Apparently a bunch of LindyGroove dancers have put their noggins together to create an iPhone app called "EverSmart", built on top of the popular "Evernote" note-taking tool.

I use Evernote literally every day, for work, personal planning, and archiving stuff to read later. So I'm excited to find out that a bunch of LA lindy hoppers have created an app that extends Evernote's already impressive functionality.

If you like Evernote and want to support some local dancers who have created what looks like a really neat app, head to this link to vote for them in the Evernote developers contest.  If they win, they got some nice seed funding to launch their app.

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