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Freeplay Dancing for Youth Chance High and Diabetes November 9 and 10

Lindy Hoppers Tear It Up to Caravan Palace's "Dramophone" (video)


This is what happens when models and a biker gang run into each other in the same greasy spoon: a charleston battle breaks out!  Or maybe that's what happens in France. In which case, I need to get to Paris, stat.

Yet another reason why the electro-swing outfit Caravan Palace kicks ass.

Sara deckard dramophoneAmong the many awesome lindy hoppers dancing in this music video: Thomas Blacharz, Alice Mei, Patrick Szmidt, Natasha Ouimet, Jb Mino, Tatiana Udry, Sara Deckard, Moossa Step, and Gontran Galinier. Awesome work by everyone involved, but the lovely Sara Deckard in the cream dress just destroys it.  Wowza.

Added bonus: check this remix of a Caravan Palace song with some awesome Bollywood dancing.  It's only a matter of time before we get a Bollywood vs Lindy Hop battle supreme.  You heard it here first.

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