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Amazing "Y: The Last Man" Fan-made Film (video)

Y_-_The_Last_Man_23_-_Widow's_Pass_03_-_00_-_FC"Y: The Last Man" is one of the most acclaimed comics of the decade, a dystopic scifi series that builds an elaborate universe around the premise of what would happen if every man on earth was wiped out by a plague.  The characters are indelible and unique and the adventure is heart-pounding.  Created by Brian Vaughan and Pia Guerra, this sixty issue series just blew me away each and every issue.

Originally published starting in 2002, a group of super fans have released this fan flick of the comic on Youtube earlier this year. "Y: The Last Man Rising" has impressive production values, some strong casting, and thrilling action.  

This 20 minute film is well worth your time.  I want more Agent 355!


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