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Cute Overload: Bali the Doberman Puppy Enjoys Weed (pic)

Bali the puppy loves the weeds

Yesterday my sister's doberman puppy Bali got his first exposure to actual dirt, grass and weeds yesterday, at at my cousin Ryan's house in Vallejo.  Once he discovered a bit of nature, Bali wanted nothing to do with concrete or the indoors.  Who can blame him?  It's fun to roll around in the dirt!

Bali the doberman pincher puppy - 1Bali has such a beautiful grey coat that I've never seen on a doberman before.  And he's got these piercing blue-green eyes that probably will darken as he gets older.  Dobermans are pretty big dogs, so this cute puppy phase is going to fly by, I think.  

So gotta log that puppy playtime while I can!

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